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Back To Bed (4)

Review: Back To Bed (PS4)

In Back to Bed you guide the sleepwalker Bob to the safety of his bed by taking control of his subconscious guardian named Subob. Together they will travel through a surreal and painting-like dream...


Class of Heroes 2G Release Date Set For June 2nd

On June 2, 2015, MonkeyPaw Games, Inc. and GAIJINWORKS, Inc  will open enrollment for one of the most unique virtual schools in video game history, the Crostini Academy of Adventuring Arts, in the grid-based dungeon-crawling...


Class of Heroes 3 Announced for PSP

MonkeyPaw Games, Inc. and GAIJINWORKS are pleased to announce the digital version of Class of Heroes 3 (CoH3) will release on thePSP (PlayStation Portable) system in late 2015. As a PSP game, Class of Heroes 3 will also...

Jonny Miavia 1

Review: 5 Star Wrestling (PS3)

5 Star Wrestling is a game built on true Ring Psychology with Heel and Face mechanics, a revolutionary Limb Damage System and Rivalries that impact game play

robot revolution (2)

Review: Robot Rescue Revolution

The toughest puzzler yet, with the wackiest robots around! Dodge flamers breathing scorching fires and deactivate paralyzing Tesla machines as you guide wacky robots trapped in treacherous labyrinths to the exit! Plan each escape with...

snowy treasure hunter (3)

Review: Snowy: Treasure Hunter PSN

  Excitement and riches untold lie ahead in Africa, the Mayan jungles and the Far East. Snowy will have to pack his wits, however, so he can outsmart the agile gorillas, clever snakes and...