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Review: Bloodborne: The Card Game (CMON)

Several Hunters will enter the Chalice Dungeon, but only one will be able to escape the victor. Round after round you’ll face off against brutal creatures bent on destroying you. It will require cunning...

Pokémon TCG: XY—Roaring Skies out now

The latest expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game,  XY—Roaring Skies, soars into shops today! This new expansion introduces over 100 cards for fans to add to their collections.

You can become a Pokémon Trading Card Game illustrator

The Pokémon Company International invites Pokémon fans and budding illustrators to enter an International Pokémon Art Academy Contest via Miiverse. Pokémon Art Academy is available exclusively on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS systems and...