Review: Sparkle Unleashed (Nintendo Switch)

Challenge the darkness with your swift orb matching skills, mighty magical enchantments, and earthshaking power-ups. Match the orbs before they fall into the abyss and find your way through mysterious lands of startling beauty.


  • Great graphics.
  • Opening tutorial.
  • 115MB Download size.
  • Pro controller support.
  • Zuma influenced gameplay. Match coloured balls before they fall into the hole.
  • Earn powerups by completing levels.
  • Colourblind mode.
  • Can equip one power-up from each of the unlocked skill slots.
  • Powerups appear in the game at 3x, 6x, 9x, and 12x.
  • Multiple player¬†profile support.
  • Wide selection of powerups from slow down to speed ups and the ability to change ball colour.
  • Mystical, Almost Disney sounding ost.
  • Full stats screen.
  • Map screen to show progress.
  • Touchscreen support.
  • End of the level screen shows time taken and ability unlock bar.
  • Easy to play the game.
  • Addictive gameplay.


  • A¬†slight learning curve for the touch screen as it is very responsive and immediate.
  • No sensitivity option.
  • No online leaderboards.
  • Cannot replay levels.
  • Difficulty spikes.
  • Gets very repetitive.
  • Only one controller layout.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!

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