Preview: Wartile (Steam Early Access)

Experience a living, breathing tabletop video game that invites the player into a miniature universe full of small adventures, Norse mythology and challenges that require real time strategical decisions. And as this is a preview, A lot of content will also serve as a FAQ of what the game has and doesn’t have as of yet.


  • Gorgeous graphics. The game board is displayed as a diaroma and man what a beautiful bit of scenery! The minatures match the board in both detail and wow factor.
  • 4959MB download size.
  • Action strategy game.
  • Board game look and feel.
  • Auto combat, Just move close to an enemy piece and the fighting begins.
  • You can move anywhere on the board but a cool down system is in effect so movement is staggered. Enemies work under the same principle.
  • The soundtrack is excellent and fits the theme perfectly. Not sounding that much different from a God Of War or Game Of Thrones soundtrack.
  • Main hub is a table top with a world map in the middle with shops and management on the sides.
  • Full camera control. You can move/pan around and zoom in and out.
  • Loose tutorial throughout.
  • Uses keyboard and mouse.
  • Shop-Use collected gold to buy new units and equipment.
  • Unit management is where you customise your units and add equipment with a drag and drop system.
  • Deck builder area where ¬†you can set out what cards you will take into battle.
  • Cards can be found/earned and they have many abilities from healing to traps to attacks or defense.
  • Battle points are earned from doing objectives/killing enemies/interactions. You use these points to cast your card powers.
  • Objectives are given to you in game via a playing card on a plinth.
  • Relic-Heals all units and acts as a check/restart point.
  • Level complete breakdown covers score, Gold, Units killed and units lost.
  • Engrossing experience.
  • Graphic settings-Resolution, Graphic setting low,Medium and high and full screen.
  • Ooozes atmosphere and intrigue.
  • Missions are varied yet fun.
  • You can replay levels. The level layout in terms of enemies and loot changes.
  • Loot chests can be found.
  • Find shortcuts and caves within the game board.
  • Handful of solo missions with a new unit available to buy after each level completion. Finish them all to unlock a very early play of online multiplayer.


  • Performance issues like slowdown and screen tearing.
  • Text is a bit small.
  • Doesn’t explain everything as you go to keep it all linked. For example the drag and drop system in unit management or the shop icons.
  • Difficulty spikes.
  • Camera is not ideal when in tight spaces or when you are in a big fight.
  • Using cards is tricky. The art of dragging and dropping them is fine and all but in the heat of battle the cards take up valuable screen space.
  • No pop up description of stats on new equipment. I mean you have a small little box in the corner but it needs to ideally be front and centre.
  • No Steam achievements.
  • No trading cards.

In Summary:

Wartile has all the makings of a fantastic game, The direction they are going is one that Im surprised we haven’t really seen before, For that Wartile will be a game to watch as it redefines the miniatures board game genre. Games Workshop games dont even have this level of game production. For early access the success of this whole project rests on how the devs react to player feedback and how they keep up the momentum. From where i am sitting this game is going to change the way we play board games on the big screen from now on.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!

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