Review: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (PC)

For the first time in Rainbow Six, players will engage in sieges, a brand-new style of assault. Enemies now have the means to transform their environments into strongholds: they can trap, fortify, and create defensive systems to prevent breach by Rainbow teams.

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  • Graphics are nice, Not the best looking even on Ultra. They just look really basic with no real character to them.
  • Tutorial videos to show what is expected of you in each of the modes and weapons available to you.
  • Uplay achievements.
  • Uplay rewards: Complete Uplay actions to earn special Uplay unlock points that you spend on in-game unlocks like new weapon skins, renown points and even the soundtrack.
  • Benchmark test.
  • Detailed graphic settings. You can either set them by the default: Low, medium, high and ultra. Or you can go custom and change everything from lens flare to texture quality, shadows, lighting, AA and V-Sync. You have a bar in the bottom right that shows your video card limits, Changing settings moves the bar up and down and tells you if you are going over what your card can handle.
  • Full Xbox One and Dualshock 4 controller support. Tried both and in-game button prompts change to each pad. Very much plug and play.
  • Three modes to choose from:
    • Scenarios: Single player only set missions with 3-star reward system. Three difficulty options.
    • Multiplayer: 5V5 casual play and you unlock ranked at level 20.
    • Terrorist Hunt: Can be played lone wolf or with other players online. Three difficulties.
  • Both multiplayer portions Terrorist hunt and online is on a map and game type rotation so joining a game only boots you into a lobby then you join a random game.
  • Level layout like objectives and enemy locations changes every time you play it.
  • End of round replay, Like a kill cam but sometimes there isn’t a kill so it’s just a short clip of a guy walking around or reloading.
  • Earn exp¬†by killing enemies, Objectives, Winning and even daily events.
  • Exp bangs up on screen as you play like it does in Call Of Duty.
  • Four standard controller layouts including lefty.
  • Earn renown points in game by playing then use these to buy operatives, Customise guns and buy weapon upgrades.
  • Proper hardcore team focused gameplay.
  • Operatives: Unique characters that specialize in set disciplines and carry load outs available only to each individual operative. Split into offense and defense, Operatives then break it down further with load outs to include things like grenades, scanners, shields, armor drops, gas bombs etc.
  • Gadgets: You can rappel up and down any outer wall, You can hack security cameras, You have a little-wheeled drone that you control through a device. With it you can climb stairs and scan enemies and ping their location to your team. You can use breach charges to blow up walls/doors and hatches to make new entry points.
  • Destructive elements allow you to take out whole walls or doors, Drop down floors quickly bu making a hole in the floor. Any destruction like these affect nearby players, Dust will fill the air reducing visibility, The noise will alert enemies etc.
  • Realistic sound effects. Wear headphones for the best experience. You can hear footsteps, walls blowing up or enemies walking in barbed wire or setting up breaches.
  • Every operative you unlock comes with a kick ass intro video.
  • Customise guns with skins, Add new scopes, silencers or laser sights.
  • Fast loading times even online.
  • Official police units represented in the game from the SAS to the FBI and the GIGN.
  • Tight gun play. Each weapon feels and handles differently. You can change bullet type form single bullet to burst fire.
  • Many game types including straight up terrorist hunt where you need to eliminate x amount of them, Protect hostage, rescue hostage, Defuse bombs. Couple that with different elemental effects like rain, wind, storms and even one where you enter a house covered in toxic gas. Here you can have your view obscured by the gas mask and you can only see things up close.
  • Simple menu layout with easy party creation short cuts.
  • Daily missions: Unlock the ability to earn bonus renown. An example of those would be things like win x amount of games with so and so character.
  • Has a Christmas themed level.
  • 11 Maps split across the modes from ship yards to hotels to a plane.

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  • Game requires a lot of PC juice to run it well. Many cards will default to low settings. Whilst playable it is ugly to look at but even with that it runs really smooth.
  • NAT issue where the game won’t play nice with certain router set ups. It will say you are strict despite the fact you are not. A quick google of your router usually finds a easy fix though.
  • Map rotation system is a bit broken. Not only does it hurt that you cannot have a server browser, But you land up playing the same map over and over if you are unlucky.
  • Cannot play single player offline.
  • Short prep time. You have what feels like seconds to pick a character, A loadout and then where you want to deploy.
  • Few graphic issues like invisible¬†guns, clipping and vaults not registering.
  • Cannot setup your own buttons on the controller.
  • Team killing whilst it makes sense, You always get the ones that ruin it for everyone else.
  • The whole fastest finger first method used for picking operatives is annoying especially early on when you have hardly any ioeratives,


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