Marcus Fenix And The Gang Infiltrate PoundLand

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gears of war (4)

Browsing my local Poundland today when I happened across these. Upon closer inspection I found them to be a blatant rip off of Gears Of War. You can quite clearly see who is who. Yes the name is different but the fact remains that in every other way they are Gears Of War. I found it funny as hell but would Epic? Its not the first batch of toys ripped off shamelessly and flogged for a quid. First video game related one I have seen though. Feast your eyes on these pics and prepare to laugh your ass off.

gears of war (2)


gears of war (1)


gears of war (5)


gears of war (3)


Few dodgy smaller pictures due to my camera messing up, But still not as messed up as the actual content of the pictures!

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