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Tour the garage in this new video of Farming Simulator 15 on consoles

Developed by Giants Software, Farming Simulator 15 will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 next week onTuesday, May 19. Today’s video showcases a few of the numerous vehicles you’ll find in the game. Enjoy highly detailed 3D models of tractors and machineries spinning around and demonstrating what they’re capable of...


Review: Lost Orbit (PS4)


Stranded after his ship is destroyed in deep space, Harrison, a lowly maintenance worker and our hero, must struggle to find his way home… LOST ORBIT centers around the exploration...


Review: Toren (PS4)

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Experience the mysterious, timeless world of Toren, the first adventure game from Brazilian indie developer Swordtales. You are Moonchild, destined to climb the tower (known as Toren) on a hauntingly...